Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Some very exciting news my Louisville friends! Gilt, a website FULL of designer discounted goodies for men, women and kids is having a, "pop up" store location!!! From what I have read, when Gilt does have a pop up store it is typically only a few days. Well, the one here in Louisville is going to be open for ONE MONTH! Eeek! For a nano second I debated on blogging about this because I wanted to keep this gem to myself. But after my nano second of evil-good-deal-hiding-thoughts, I snapped out of it and said heck no, I'm telling EVERYONE! It opens June 28. :)

Yummy dinner last night. Spinach, feta, almond slivers, purple onion, shredded turkey, tomato, craisins, balsamic vinaigrette and a side of seasoned fresh green beans. Topped this beauty of a meal off with some Dove Dark Chocolate. My fav!

And as for tonight? The hubs and I had one of our favorites: Chicken and rice! It is one of the recipes off the Campbell's Cream of Mushroom can, and it is SO yummy! Paired with Salad and some of those left over green beans. And no, we do not eat perfectly prepared and perfectly plated meals every night. The hubs is typically used to a sandwich or some cereal, ha!! Especially when I'm working 12 hour shifts!

Now on to that amazing family photo shoot we had on our 3 year anniversary! We had the wonderful, Brittany Bowen, come to our home and it was SO much fun! I have dreamed of doing a in-home photo session and it finally became a reality. Brittany is one of my fab coworkers' daughters and is taking her love for photography and making it her living. After checking out some of Brittany's work, I knew I needed to jump on the opportunity before she got too busy! And it was by chance that our anniversary happened to be a good day for us and for Brittany, so we got some nice shots of us with some of our wedding mementos as well. Here are some of my favorites!!

Cheers to three years!

xoxo MaryBeth


  1. Aw this is so cute! My bf and I have a map like that too! Need more pins!


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