Sunday, June 1, 2014


A little of this, a little of that... My weekend consisted of a casual night at home and a glam night on the town: two of my favorite things to do all rolled in to one weekend. Not too shabby, eh?! Something about the warm summer weather makes me want to be such a home body and just grill out in my own backyard. Well, that is exactly what we did on Friday. And even though my usual at-home attire consists mostly of sweatpants, the fact that it was the weekend encouraged me to bump it up juuust a notch.

Faux leather trimmed top from TJ Maxx, jean shorts by Forever 21 and gladiator sandals from New York & Co. Comfy and cute!

Nothing is better than a good 'ol braid. For this look I simply made a deep side part, twisted the hair all the way across until I got to the back of my head. Then I popped in a clear plastic band creating a pony tail, made a simple braid and completed it with a second clear plastic band. The twist alone is sometimes hard to keep in place so I usually slip a few bobby pins in to secure it. I guess I didn't disguise that last one very well! Ooops!

Why do I look so pissed, haha! I promise I had a great night!

Mmmm.... slices for burgers

Now to my favorite part: the glam!

So this is how the hubs and my text went yesterday: 

hubs: what do you want to do tonight?
  me: I don't care, I just want to get glam.

Nuff said, he understands me. haha! For this look I rocked my midi skirt from Target that I mentioned here (and here) and this fabulous crop top from Forever 21. I just love this look! Something about that sliver of skin showing just takes it to another level. And the mystery behind a midi skirt is sexier and more flattering than any mini skirt I have ever worn in my life. I love this embrace of to or below the knee skirts and dresses. SO much more comfortable, universally flattering and more importantly: classier! Don't get me wrong, I still have some shorter skirts and dresses in my arsenal, but the midi is definitely a favorite of mine, by far.

Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace, Christina Link Bracelet and Deco Stackable Rings trio. Love!

Finishing touches: crystal hair clip from Versona and Linda Studs by S&D.

Cover Girl and E.L.F. makeup. I have said it before, and I will say it again: you do not have to spend a fortune to look like one, especially when it comes to makeup! Makeup products can get very pricey, very fast. Of course, some of the cheaper items can be duds, as can some of the pricier ones, but for the vast majority I have had zero problems at achieving the looks I want with drug store makeup.

Cover Girl- concealer, powder, contour powder, blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick
E.L.F.- Eyeshadow, highlight cream, eyebrow brush and finishing powder
Revlon- Translucent highlight powder 

When I say, "contour powder" I just mean powder that is several shades darker than my skin tone. Some will contour with liquid foundation, but for now I just use a powder to achieve the look. More to come on that topic.

And lastly, some nude heels to elongate my limbs. These platforms were a steal at Payless several months ago. Yes, Payless! I am telling you ladies, fabulous fashion is everywhere! Don't get me wrong, if someone gave me a pair of YSL or Louboutin heels I would gladly take them, but that is not a realistic purchase for the majority of women, including myself! We gotta improvise :)

xoxo MaryBeth

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