Monday, May 26, 2014


Happy Memorial Day and many thanks to those that have served our country! Trying to keep that in mind as I enjoy a peaceful day of yard work and grilling. Many lives lost along the way and many lives changed forever.

Today I finished reading my new book and it was a pleasure! I tore through it at lightening speed! That is easy to do when the book is written by one of your style icons. Rachel Zoe is definitely someone whose fashion sense I admire and totally understand! Her life would be a dream to me: start out low in the ranks, work your way up all the while building great relationships with those in the fashion world, become a top stylist and finally... have your own clothing line! Ahh...  Well, her story doesn't end there, having quite a few more accomplishments and probably many more to come, but you get the picture. 

Anyways...  here are some recent looks!

This cute, comfortable and chic dress by Banana Republic was snagged off the clearance section by yours truly (and my sister, Holly) for some ridiculously awesome price! Below $20 if I remember correctly! I've said it before and I will say it again: Banana Republic has AWESOME sales and AWESOME clearance racks. And when the two join.... you can hear the fashion bargain angels sing... it's glorious.

Some subtle gold accents add just the right pop, especially when some gold Stella & Dot is added in. The Rebel Pendant is a staple S&D piece of mine, as well as the Christina Link Bracelet. It is also a rare finding that I don't have on my Stackable Deco Rings either. These are so beautiful, the right amount of sparkle and they compliment my wedding set very well.

I spy the hubs, patiently waiting for me to finish taking selfies... God bless that man :)

This next look is a favorite of mine from Forever 21. Flowy and sheer maxi dress with a sewn in slip. Not gonna lie, when I originally purchased this dress the slip was so short that I felt uncomfortable even with the sheer maxi top layer. No problem! For a few more dollars my local seamstress added some extra inches of material to make me comfortable. It is truly amazing how inexpensive minor alterations can be and they make a world of a difference! If you aren't comfortable in a piece of clothing and not willing to go to a seamstress, do not buy it! I promise you you will not wear it, and this comes from personal experience. Too many times in the past (before I learned to love my seamstress) I would buy items thinking, "oh it will be fine... I'll wear it". Nope. If I could get back those items I got rid of after they sat in my closet for years I would run straight to my seamstress with my arms full and say, "tweak this, fix that!".

The Rory Necklace by Stella & Dot is SO fab! Just exquisite! The teal is to die for and instantly upgrades any outfit.

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day, too!

Time to catch up on some shows and chill with the hubs. I gotta be sweet to him, with all those selfies he puts up with... :)

xoxo MaryBeth

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