Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Some styles that I am really looking forward to this summer are all oldies but goodies. You know how fashion works: something is hot, then it's not, and then it's hot again. Ha! Stone washed denim (yes, you heard me correctly), overalls and bandannas are all being represented today! With the proper finishing touches, all of these styles are super cute and super affordable!

I am a sucker for ripped up denim and I love it in any kind of wash. Paired with flats, baggy deep V-neck tee and some aviators... love! 

Now to the overalls. I know what you are thinking, and yes it may seem crazy, but these are super cute! I believe the key to perfecting the short overalls is that you HAVE to get the size correct! I would definitely get these in one or two sizes too big. No one wants to walk around looking like one big strapped in wedgie. NOT cute. Paired with a crop top, long line tank or V-neck cap sleeve tee.

Summer Looks

Summer Looks by marybethklingenfus featuring low rise jeans

This Nivea lotion is AH-mazing. I just started using it and it definitely gives results in a way that allows me to not panic as soon as I put it on. And the gradual build is giving me a very natural looking tan. Super great find! If I am going for a more committed and instant BRONZE, my ultimate go to product is L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. That stuff is amazing but just requires a bit more caution.

Summer Look

Summer Look by marybethklingenfus featuring Nivea

And my last summer obsession is headbands. I love how playful but yet sexy the bandana look is but am also in love with the boho-meets-greek-goddess style. I tell you, on any given day I can look like a fashionista, hippie, greek goddess or farmer. Who knows! That is the beauty of fashion!

Summer Looks

Summer Looks by marybethklingenfus featuring a black headband

What summer looks are you loving?

xoxo MaryBeth

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