Sunday, March 2, 2014


Oh Sundays, you come too soon! And on top of that, here in Louisville we are about to get slammed with an awful mix of ice and snow. Boo! I usually don't mind a good winter storm if it is on a Friday or Saturday, but when it doesn't hit until Sunday it only causes a headache for Monday morning. Blah!

Friday night the hubs and I went out for Sushi at on of our favorite places, Drake's (in the Summit). Most people probably only think of Drake's as a place to get drunk and dance, but they actually have a very delicious menu including Aqua, their sushi bar. 

 I was in an edgy kind of mood and decided to rock my new midi skirt and a faux leather tee. If we were going to be hitting the town and staying out longer than just dinner I probably would have worn a crop top with this skirt. But for just a dinner I opted to be more casual and wear the tee tucked in. 

I am obsessed with this skirt and blogged about it when I purchased it from Target. It is comfortable, simple, flattering and affordable. What more could you ask for! Even though the combination of a crop top and midi skirt is very trendy and fashionable at the moment, it also is going to be a long lasting fashion staple. I hate to use the word trendy for this look because it is usually synonymous with short, but this IS trendy at the moment but will also LAST. To get to my point, a midi skirt is a good closet staple and investment. 

This necklace was one of my very first purchases from Stella & Dot when I joined as a stylist. There aren't big enough "caps" on my computer to get the point across when I say I am OB-sessed with it. It is the epitome of bad-ass. The mix of metals and the blue threading that is weaved between is just so beautiful. The only downfall, and I am not even sure if this is a downfall, is that it is heavy. To me though, that just proved that I was getting my money's worth! Truly a piece of art!

Stella & Dot: Femme Fatale Necklace

Faux leather top from Forever 21. Chic, simple, comfy and versatile! I couldn't find this particular top online anymore, but there are many just like it out there! And the fab black suede heels are from Charlotte Russe. They are ALWAYS running a BOGO sale so if you happen to hop on the website and their isn't one, wait a day, maybe even just an hour, and their will be.

And for a comfy Saturday night at the house I opted for an oversized sweater from Forever 21, black leggings by APT. 9 for Kohl's and my Payless rider boots. 

Still loving my ombre hair! Cannot believe I waited so long to experiment with my hair! So fun!

xoxo MaryBeth

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