Saturday, March 1, 2014


Oh Saturday mornings, how I love thee... coffee, hot oats, my couch and some pre-workout blogging. Glorious. 

A little home decor and some foodie fun for this post. After my Valentine's Day roses wilted and died, I couldn't bring myself to toss them in the trash. So, what is a creative girl to do? Repurpose them, duh!

I gently plucked the roses from their stems and sprinkled them around the centerpiece on our dining room table. Some are intact and whole while others are just loose petals. Pretty! My mom gave me this similar idea after my wedding but with all the bridesmaids bouquets. The petals are resting peacefully in a decorative dish in my house and sprinkled with a fabulous potpourri scent. I DIY'd a shadow box for my bouquet so those petals are not mixed in the bowl. 

Moving on to food. What to do with 3 lbs pork tenderloin? Google a couple recipes, of course! This fabulous meal is Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Apples. It was very good and simple to make! Paired with a spinach salad and viola! 

Salt, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, pork tenderloin, butter, Braeburn or Gala apples, shallots, apple cider and thyme. Good stuff. Follow the link below for full details on the recipe.


Next up is Ancho Pork and Hominy Stew. This recipe is AH-mazing! So good! It definitely has a bit of kick to it, but not unenjoyable by any means. This recipe contained ancho chile powder, oregano, paprika, cumin (or basic chili powder: I didn't have cumin on hand), salt, pork tenderloin, olive oil, onion, green bell pepper, garlic, low sodium chicken broth, hominy and fire-roasted diced tomatoes. Follow the link below for full details on the recipe. 

If you are like me, then you are probably wondering what the heck Hominy is. I'll admit, I had no clue and was googling it in the middle of a random aisle at my grocery store. Low and behold, it is corn! Basically, the whole corn kernels are soaked in either a lye or lime solution and then washed to remove the excess solution. The kernels are bigger, softer and gave me the feeling of eating a potato chunk in my stew. It was very delicious and in my opinion, HAS to be added to this recipe- do not omit it. I thought it would be mixed in with the other cans of normal corn, but I found it at the very end of that aisle grouped with some other not-so-common (to me) things. DE-lish!


Last, but certainly not least, my new best friend: St. Louis Cardinals tervis cup! Love it! Ingredients: COFFEE!

Bed, Bath and Beyond

xoxo MaryBeth

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