Monday, December 9, 2013


Nothing cheers you up on a Monday like some holiday decorations! A post of pics and watching, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" (for the second time) is on the agenda for tonight. So here is a peak at some of my decorations, and more to come. Enjoy!

But before we get to the decorations, I have to give a shout out. This bar was pretty darn good! Two thumbs up for sure!

I just love this decorative plate, and nothing is more, "holiday-ish" than some fake snow!

Making use of what was a basket with lotions in it that I was gifted in the past. The basket was too cute to just throw away!

I am obsessed with this candle and even stocked up on them before Walmart stops selling them for the season. It is Pumpkin Spice by Mainstays and smells absolutely wonderful.

No home is complete without some mistle toe, particularly mistle toe that also has a massive diamond hanging off it ;)

So I might have a fox obsession. Had to get this little guy at Target. Most of my decorations are hand-me-downs from my parents and each year I like to add a few things. Well, this was one of them!

And this was another. If you have followed the blog from the beginning, you might remember my Mom's massive nutcracker collection. Well, I want to follow in her footsteps and have been purchasing a new nutcracker each year in hopes to grow my collection as well! This was the winner!

Another new member of the holiday family is this little guy. Found him at Pier 1. Hopefully Winston won't try to attack him in the tree! Winston does NOT like squirrels... 

More fake snow!

I made this last year and am in love. It is a great way to display your holiday cards. All you need is glitter, glue and clothes pins!

More pics to come!

xoxo MaryBeth

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