Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Happy almost Thanksgiving!! I.cannot.wait. All I want to do is hang around family and stuff my face. Speaking of stuffing my face, I came across these gems the other day and one of the two bags I bought is already a casualty. I wish I could say that it is all the hubs' fault, but it is not. I think he ate about ten of them, and as for the rest..... imagine me with an, " i didn't do it" face and crumbs on my lip... yeah.... So much for being "good" until Thanksgiving.

So on Friday we went out for wings and drinks, YUM! I wore my amazing faux leather jacket from Forever21, new flannel top from Target, faux leather pants and above-the-knee stilettos. Love. A little Stella&Dot love in there too! The Rebel Pendant Necklace, Emerson Bangle and Luna Wrap.


Stella&Dot Arm Party

On Saturday we went to a wedding and I rocked one of my new Forever21 dresses and a slicked back high bun. The dress is fab and I love it! Just have to be careful that the, "girls", are in place. Ha! Thankfully the dress has decent length to it, otherwise I think it would have been a little much for a wedding!

This Conair Bun Maker is.the.bomb. I am in love and cannot wait to use it again. It was very easy to use and definitely made my bun nice and perfect. After pulling my hair up in a high pony tail, I put the hair through the middle of the bun maker and rolled it down, folding my hair under the bun maker as I rolled it towards my scalp. I did have to un-roll and re-roll twice before I got it just how I wanted it. It did not take any time at all and this will now be one of my chic quick fixes when I'm in a bind, for sure. I then finished the look with hair spray, Garnier Fructis shine spray, and gel. My earrings and fab bracelet are both from Forever21. Love that store!

Walgreens- $3.49



Candie's for Kohl's Jacket

Gotta Love a Photo Booth at Weddings!

Unfortunately, I had to work Sunday and the wedding was an hour and a half away. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep Saturday night and was ddrraaggiinngg on Sunday. Even thought I was the DD, only getting four hours of sleep and then working all day is the equivalent to a bad hangover. Ugh! Here is a typical, "going to work at 5am", look. Ha! My poor lunch box is falling apart!

And this is what I got to enjoy for dinner, courtesy of the hubs, after my grueling sleep-deprived shift. We LOVE breakfast for dinner!! Yum!

Some Thanksgiving love to come!!

Have a great day!

xoxo MaryBeth

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