Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Call me psychic if you will, but Saturday night I was yearning for some shorts- and now look at the weather! It was a high in the 70's today! Ok, I'm not really psychic. And yes, I need to make that clear just in case you believed me... I mean, the weather was nice on Saturday too but not like today. I just needed to break out of the pants for a second. And now I will call myself out on the blog for you because I know the temps are going to PLUMMET tomorrow. UGH!!

Anyways, back to my hopeful-for-Spring-weather attitude. 

The hubs and I went out for food, drinks and to cheer on the Louisville Cardinals basketball team (Defending National Champions, baby!). I rocked my red lips, red heels and team jewelry: some blinged out UofL earrings and matching ring. Love! I did manage to sneak some Stella & Dot in there ;)

We had a blast! We actually ended up having a foodie adventure throughout the city. We started downtown at BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company) for the game, lunch and drinks. Left downtown and hit up a coffee joint for a cup of joe. Then went to a fab restaurant (Bourbon Bistro) on Frankfurt Ave for an appetizer and a drink. After that we had dinner at one of my FAVORITE places, Martini's. And finally, another favorite spot of mine, Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, for dessert. PHEW! Talk about a day of food! It was glutinous for sure, and we loved every minute of it! Sometimes the most impromptu evenings are the best.

Tank, shorts AND heels all by Mossimo for Target. Total accident, just sort of happened that way! And amazingly enough, the tights are from Tar-jey, too! The brand is "Assets" and are the ONLY tights I will purchase (well, for now).

I'm sure you are sick of seeing these two bracelets but.... too bad. Love 'em!

Faux leather jacket to top it off.

And more S&D: On The Mark Necklace

And lastly, a colored lip is quit the commitment: shit gets everywhere!! If I'm rocking a bold lip I always carry the following with me in my purse: the lipstick, matching lip pencil, q-tips and concealer. I'm pretty easy going, but if that lipstick gets on my face (especially the red) it would be impossible to fix without some special tools ;)

xoxo MaryBeth

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