Saturday, March 8, 2014


Let's try this again... was 90% done with this post when it disappeared... $%^#

Nice Saturday mornings consist of breakfast, coffee and blogging... in my book at least. The hubs is running in a 10k race this morning while I am holding the fort down at home. This race is one of many events that take place leading up to.... DERBY! If you have never come to Louisville and attended Derby before then you need to.

Last night...

This morning.... amazing what makeup can do , Ladies!

Last night's plans didn't pan out exactly as intended, but we did end up having a late dinner to celebrate the hubs' recent promotion. Yay, so proud! I rocked this sweater tank and shimmery trumpet skirt, both from Banana Republic. The sweater tank was a whopping $5 and the skirt was $8. SWEAR. BR not only has beautiful and well crafted clothing but they also have an amazing clearance section with additional mark downs all.the.time. Yes, not everything I own is from Forever 21 ;)

I found the skirt on BR's website here. I'll pat myself on the back because this bad boy was originally $98. SCORE! Online it is listed at $29 and although I do think this skirt is worth that, if you have a BR close by I think it would be worth stopping in to see if you could snag it for the killer price I got!

It is hard to see in the other pics, but the sweater tank has threads of silver throughout, perfectly complimenting the skirt. I actually got the sweater tank months ago and when I found this skirt the other day it was like a match made in fashion heaven! 

Notice a trend: Somervell Necklace by Stella & Dot. When you find a piece of jewelry this beautiful and versatile you can't help it! I'm in love and wear it all.the.time.

#sorryimnotsorry (insert Jimmy Fallon and JT hand motions here)

To get my waves I used this awesome waver by CHI. Every now and then ULTA will send out 20% off entire purchase coupons so, if you have time to wait and don't want to shell out the cash for this bad boy then sign up for coupons on their website! Totally worth the investment though. CHI products are AH-mazing.

Another repeat offender that I am not sorry about: Amelie Sparkle Bracelet by Stella & Dot. Love!

I'm working on better lighting and clarity of my full length photos so bear with me please!
(I am a nerd and looked up the proper use of that phrase and the words bare/bear, and I got it right. No, I do not want you to get naked with me, I want you to tolerate me. Ha!)

And another S&D staple of mine, the Aurora Cocktail Ring. Now this ring, oh this ring... stunning basically!

Topped everything off with my lovely faux leather jacket from Forever 21. Bad ass in my opinion. Also warm and comfy!

Time to get my workout on!

xoxo MaryBeth

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