Monday, September 16, 2013


Did anyone make it to Target for the release of the collection by Phillip Lim?!?! I swung by and was actually a little disappointed that there weren't more items in-store. Maybe my Target had just been picked through already, but to me it seemed a little lacking. From what I hear, sales have been booming though! I'm still sitting back, taking it all in, and deciding if there is anything from this line that I just can't live without. One item that I really liked and was able to actually try it on in the store was this top. I put it down so I could, like I said, take it all in.

Sparkle Peplum

And the other item that I am loving but is not available in-store (ugh, hate that!) is this:

Sequin Dress

To be continued...

Looks from the weekend:

Baggy hoodie from Target that I got on sale, Apt 9 for Kohl's leggings, Forever 21 tank and faux leather jacket and my beloved Payless rider boots. Love! Oh, and of course, some Stella & Dot arm candy!

Forever 21 dress (several years old) and faux leather jacket with heels by Candie's for Kohl's. Love! I paired this pretty little dress with a studded belt that I removed from one of my other Forever 21 dresses and then added my jacket for some at-ti-tude!

And lastly, you guessed it, Forever 21 top, Candie's for Kohl's heels and my pants that were a clearance rack steal by Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's. I actually got these pants a few months ago and low and behold, they are online still AND for the discounted price! Also come in red! Love!

And for no particular reason, my handsome boy, Charlie, patrolling the neighborhood from the safety of our home... he's so tough.... ha!

These two beauties were found at Walmart for a whopping $5! They look so elegant and add an extra touch of class to my candles! The one above is also a Walmart brand candle, Pumpkin Spice!! It smells SO good and envelopes my entire home in the scent of Fall. Love it! And, it is significantly cheaper than Yankee Candle, which used to be one of my favorite candle brands, until I branched out to the Walmart ones. When not in any particular season, I usually go for their vanilla scented one, which also smells delicious! 

Speaking of Pumpkin Spice, or anything Fall related for that matter....

Certified crazy? Maybe....  :)

xoxo MaryBeth

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