Wednesday, August 28, 2013


First and foremost: the hump day camel. I know MANY people that will truly appreciate this! 

watch the hilarious commercial 

Remember that fab tan H&M dress I mentioned last post? Well, I learned my lesson: if you really want something, purchase it before posting it on the blog and/or Pinterest. <enter sad face> This beauty is gone! Well, it is still available in red last time I checked, but totally not the same vibe! 

Some eats from yesterday: Fab baked chicken, salad and veggies. Mmmm!

And as of lately I have been back on an over-night oats kick! 

This morning's oats were nestled in an almost empty peanut butter jar (a blog world favorite).

As I got to the dishes this afternoon I thought about all the containers that I throw out. And then I got to thinking about the approaching holidays and my crafty side kicked in. So, I washed out said jar, removed the label and am using it as a candle holder. 

This is one of the fall festive candles I got during my recent trip to IKEA. They smell fabulous!

The plan as of right now is to save the rest of my jars and have one for each candle, or maybe just half of the candles. Who knows, we will see! 

And lastly, my weekend recap! We went to this awesome beerfest that is held at the zoo! This was our second time going and it was every bit as fun as last year!

My man!

My girls!

Funniest thing ever- after being separated from the hubs and two of our other friends, the girls and I decided to go back to one of the wine booths that I really enjoyed. Well, guess who decided to man the empty booth and pretend to be venders? The hubs and our friends! ha! It was THE funniest thing! 

My look for that day:

Forever 21 dress and bracelet (last year), Stella & Dot Christina Link Bracelet, Michael Kors watch and Payless gladiator flats.

Topped off my, "hippie", look with my fab braided head bands from Ulta. Love!

Now time to catch up on Mad Men episodes with the hubs!

xoxo MaryBeth

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