Friday, August 23, 2013


I cannot wait for H&M to open a store here in Louisville.... ahhhh! It is going to be fab.u.lous. So, in honor of its long awaited arrival (and their new online shopping website) here are some things I am LOVING.

This fab dress also comes in red, but I think this tan color is amazing. 


I have been looking for a fab cape and came across this beauty online. I really have my eye out for one that is tan with black piping, but this one is so beautiful.


This vest also comes in tan. Too cute!


These fab gloves also come in black. I think everyone should own a fab pair of gloves to pair with their winter coat (myself included!). These are super cheap, making it practical to own a black AND a tan pair. Love! I might have to get myself some...


Ok, enough with the lust list. Today was a fun-filled day of IKEA shopping, outlet mall shopping and delicious food from Hofbrauhaus Newport. Mmmm!!!! I ended up with some holiday themed candles, some yummy vanilla bean scented tea light candles and napkin holders. Not quite as glamorous as you may have imagined, but I'm excited about it all nonetheless!!

One of the many staged rooms at IKEA. A fab kitchen! I'm a sucker for kitchen designs. So many options and styles!

And now for the good stuff :)

And my look for the day- Forever 21 tank, black skinnies by Seven at TJ Maxx and my fab five dollar flats from Target. And, as usual, topped off with some Stella & Dot jewels and Michael Kors watch. Love!

Love when this is waiting for me on my doorstep (and People Style Watch)!

xoxo MaryBeth


  1. I want that black cape coat!! Did you order it?

  2. I didn't end up ordering it but it is fabulous! I have my eye out for a light brown one. If I hadn't just bought a Michael Kors (outlet) black knee length winter coat then I 100% would have already ordered this cape! Heck, I still might because it is so damn cute!


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