Monday, August 12, 2013


It doesn't get much cuter than this....

...or this....

Love my boys when they are in nap/cuddle mode :)

The creature of habit that I am has had this for breakfast at least four times last week. One cup yogurt, cinnamon and a chopped up peach. It is Yummy! The last batch was made in said container because at that point there was no reason to scrape it all out.

Speaking of being a creature of habit, salads also made a big impression this week! One with dinner, one for my lunch for work the next day and the bottom one paired with a side of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese and pepper rocks my world. It might sound gross to some, but damn it's good. 

Taco salads for dinner tonight! Mmmm..

My look earlier today: dress from Banana Republic- originally some ridiculous price but I snagged it off clearance for something crazy like $19. Score! Cardigan and pumps are from Target, several years old. And my beloved Jennifer Lopez Cleo Shopper bag from Kohl's. Love!

And lastly a major find at Ulta

I started out with just the brown one and I went back today for another brown one and a blonde one. These faux hair head bands are fab! The stretchy strap that goes behind your head is adjustable and even detachable so you can add them in the mix no matter what hairstyle you are rocking. These bad boys are $8. Love!

Time to catch up on some Mad Men!

xoxo MaryBeth

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