Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Monday! Anyone check out the Gilt location in Louisville yet?! I haven't gotten around to it, but definitely plan on it! Our weekend included a nice night out on the town and some bee keeping. Yup, you read that correctly, bee keeping. A long time friend of the hubs' has an apiary (I think I'm using that term correctly, ha) and we helped him remove some of the boxes so we could extract the honey. O.M.G. was this interesting! I had so much fun, but there were also moments of intense fear.

So here was my look for the day, lol! Sweats, a bee keeper suit and gloves. Looking at this picture you would never guess that I would wind up with a bee in my hood, ripping my suit off and frantically running circles around a field whilst beating my head with my hands because a bee was stuck in my hair. Yep, this is truth. I swear if it was video taped it would have gone viral! The hubs and our friend wound up getting stung several times too. Needless to say, we pissed the bees off... badly. 

Some of the boxes we escaped with. This is where the slabs are kept that the bees store the honey on. They sit in the boxes like a hanging file. The hubs using a special tool to pop the slabs out. They get really sticky and don't slide out easily on their own.

Cutting the tops of the honeycomb off and dumping it in this bucket. It collects the wax while letting the excess honey drop to the container below. Nothing gets wasted in this process!

The slabs are then placed in the centrifuge and spun until the honey comes off of them and flows through the filter into a bucket. I learned a lot that day!!! It is amazing how you can just eat it immediately. Very yummy!! Anyone in the area that wants some local honey (supposed to help with allergies) let me know! He wound up with A LOT of honey!

Now on to some fashion from the night before our honey extravaganza! 

Twisted hair, PINK lips (cover girl).

Stella & Dot Swag. Bello Bangle and Christina Link Bracelet. Love! The Christina is a special little gem because this beauty can be worn as a bracelet or an extender for most necklaces. Imagine a high sleeked back bun and the Christina blinging on the back of your neck, giving length to a fabulous necklace. Gorg!

High-low top from Forever 21 with a sewn on gold metal plate. This fab tank has an attached tank and sheer overlay. So comfy and chic! Fab white skinny jeans by Celebrity Pink from TJ Maxx and wedges from Charlotte Russe.

My love!

Anyone who has been to Gilt yet leave a comment and tell me how it was!!

Good Night!

xoxo MaryBeth


  1. MB, we had a great time (minus the 16 stings) with you and Dan extracting HONEY! Thanks for all the help, you guys are naturals. I hope those stings didn't last too long.---Titus

  2. haha it was well worth the bee stings and the mini panic attack!


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