Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hey Hey!! Just got done with a nice "Body Pump" class and now I'm sippin' some coffee waiting on the weather to warm up so I can get back to my gardening! Good news over here: our flowers didn't die over night!! The hubs did have some frost on his windshield so I am very glad we decided to cover them and bring the hanging baskets in to the garage. You might ask why the hubs has frost on his car when we have a garage? Well, we are those people that have a garage and fill it with tools and scraps. Is this my idea or Ha! It is organized, we just don't park in it. Silly, I know. But, I am a city girl and never had a garage until this home so it really doesn't bother me too much. I'm just thankful for a driveway! And whenever I get the opportunity to parallel park somewhere I get so happy!! I miss it and I love the challenge. Yup, I'm a city girl ;)  

Work out gear this AM: half zip pullover and below knee pants by Champion for Target and tank from Kohl's. The glorious top knot made an appearance again. If you aren't a fan of my top knot, sorry. 

Body Pump was great today. My legs were tired from the past few days and I was due for a mostly upper body workout. The class does incorporate some squats and lunges but nothing too major. My arms on the other hand are sore! The instructor is an older woman (not sure on age) and she made the comment last class that she can tell that people that are new to her classes get disappointed when they see her come in the room because of her age. Well, let me tell you, she will kick your ass and smile while she is doing it. Lesson of the day: Age ain't nothin' but a number! She is an inspiration! 

Breakfast was light and easy. Luna Bar released a new flavor: Carrot Cake!! It is yummy! I found out about this when I was reading Healthy Diva Life the other day and have been on a mission since then to find them. Target did! 

Another thing I found at Target the other day was a Parable Gurung for Target top, on clearance, for $10. Score! The link shows a sale of $24, but in store it is the price I got. And they also had my beloved shorts there. I am weird about shorts and never wore them a whole lot in the past, but once I came across these a couple years ago I fell in love. Each year they release more colors so I like to stock up little by little. They are always the same style, which makes me happy. I don't have to try them on, just grab my size and go! This year I snagged them in brownish-khaki and teal blue. Love!

I now have these in black, white, royal/purplish blue, dark fuchsia, khaki and teal. Phew!! Let me remind you, I did not buy these all at once!! Thankfully Target brings them back every year!

Target $17.99
Mossimo Sateen Shorts

Well, time to get to the backyard! Have a great Saturday!! Anyone going to Thunder Over Louisville?? We aren't, but it is always exciting!

xoxo MaryBeth

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