Sunday, April 21, 2013


Time for sleep but while we watch the end of the Cardinal's game from bed I figured I'd share a little of my day. This was my morning, mmm... Kashi cereal, almond milk and coffee with all natural creamer and some stevia. I love mornings when there is no workout on the agenda and I can just wake up and relax...

While enjoying my breakfast and perusing the ads, I was excited to see that the Mossimo shorts from Target that I mentioned yesterday and LOVE are on sale for $15! 

After a boat load of errands and work around the front and back yards, the hubs and I are exhausted!! I snagged him a hot sandwich and chips from Earth Fare and I made myself some eggs and a sweet potato. We also shared some watermelon and pineapple. Mmmm... The hubs may or may not have gone for an ice cream run too... :)

Made my beloved overnight oats so they will be ready for devouring in the AM. Decided to try this stuff out because I see it a lot in the blog world. Verdict: YUUUMMMYY!! Now I really can't wait to eat my oats in the morning!

Last night the hubs and I grilled out (we tend to do that a lot!) and chilled. My look for the night was comfy and wild! Love me some animal print. Kind of tacky but hey, a little tacky never hurt anybody!! LOVE! I also convinced him to watch the last of the Twilight series because I hadn't seen it yet. Well, when I say I convinced him that really means that I said, "Ok, can we watch either my DVR'd episode of Rachel Zoe or the Twilight movie?". Great options for him, huh?! Verdict on the movie: terrible. But, that is what I was expecting. Glad to finally have that series of books and movies under my belt and over with. lol

Gotta work in the AM.

Good Night!

xoxo MaryBeth

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