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Happy Hump Day! Spring has not been treating us so well over here thus far... boo for cold weather!! I am SO over it! I cannot wait to break out some dresses, shorts, tanks, flowy shirts NOT covered with jackets and cardigans, exercising outside, not having to scrape my car off to get to work... wow, I'm really venting here!! And to top it all off, while at the gym today there was a tornado warning over the TV screens! WTH?! Snow, rain, heat waves, cold spells and now tornadoes: I am at a loss. ha! On a more positive note, I got a great workout in this morning: spin class, abs and arms. I really love spinning and I also love the fact that no matter which instructor is teaching and what their style is, the class is always a mad sweat session. To fuel up before class this morning I had a CLIF Bar and a banana. Usually I would just eat a bar, but there have been too many times in class where I feel like I could just close my eyes and fall off the bike. ha! So I tempted with what can only be described as one of the worst feelings: trying to workout on a full stomach. Verdict? Not bad. I think a few more bites would have put me over the edge, though. And, I did not feel like I was going to fall over in class. Score. I happened to overhear a woman prior to class saying how she hadn't eaten anything yet that morning. Worst.idea.ever. 

Black below-the-knee pants from Target, zip up hoodie from Gap and a Kohl's tank underneath. The purple zip up hoodie only stayed on for about 5 minute of class. It gets HOT in a spin class.... if you're pushing yourself and doing it right :)

Since we are on a health topic here, I'll also share my dinner from last night, which also contributes to workout performance in the AM. One of my beloved sweet potatoes topped with some cinnamon (LOVE them!) and scrambled eggs. Organic eggs, organic milk, tomato, purple onion, organic spinach, organic feta cheese and some pepper. Top it off with some salsa and BAM. YUMMY! I am, by no means, a dietitian of any sort so these are merely suggestions.

Now that my workout is behind me, I can enjoy a yummy Chai Latte made by yours truly in my reusable Starbucks cup that I mentioned here

Now to fashion! I mentioned a week or two ago that I had some very exciting purchases regarding the Kentucky Derby and here they are! I am so stoked! In years past I purchased plain hats and sewed my own flowers and decorations to them. Last year I repeated the same hats ( a Derby crime, I know...) and so this year I thought it was time to switch it up. Probably not going to add anything to them. Love them just as they are! Check it out!

Imagine the chair is my head, lol. This green fascinator will be for Oaks Day. For my non-Louisville locals, Oaks is the day before Derby and is the, "best kept secret". It is typically a day that is celebrated just as much as Derby, but most out-of-staters aren't aware of. Instead of the Rose, the Lily is the flower of the day, and it is all female horses, hence the "Ladies First" slogan. Pink is also a huge hit on this day. Since my fascinator is clearly not pink, I am going to wear (yet to be found) an insanely pink sun dress. 

And for Derby, the "Race For The Roses", I am wearing a red and black fascinator with a rose on top. Love! Probably going to pair this with a black sundress and some red nails. Fun! Per tradition (the past couple years), we are going to Oaks and then having a Derby Party at our house. Excited!! I love entertaining and it is a great excuse for my family to come in town :)

Both of these were found at Versona. Versona is an awesome store with TONS of accessories and lots of clothes. The price point is very similar to Forever 21= AWESOME. I was completely shocked when I saw that they had Derby hats! Their selection was not quite as crazy as ones that women get professionally made ($$$$), but good enough for me!! Maybe if I was sitting in Millionaire's Row at Churchill Downs I would get a more elaborate hat! And with that being said, I could definitely go to my local craft store and spice up my hats as much as I desired! Anything goes at Oaks and Derby! Some hats are simple, some grand and large, and others just plain funny! If you get a chance, I recommend googling Kentucky Derby Hats. You will get a good laugh at some and a feeling of jealousy at others ;) 

And lastly, probably what I am most excited about, are these:

LOVE! How appropriate! Horse shoes!! And, at a whopping $3, it was a no brainer.

Have a great day!

xoxo MaryBeth

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