Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Happy almost hump day! Busy weekend for me with my sister, Holly, and one of her friends, Christian (and longtime family friend) in town. Christian has known Holly longer than I have! haha We relaxed, shopped, ate, drank and enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day parade. Not too shabby! Between that and working three 12's in a row (tomorrow is my last of the three) I haven't got much blogging in. 

Thursday night when they got in town we had grilled steak and chicken, grilled potatoes with green and red pepper and some asparagus. YUM! Wine was a must, of course. We had a fabulous night-in and just chatted and caught up! Here's my look: Faux leather top and skinny jeans from TJ Maxx and heels from Charlotte Russe. Love.

So mad at myself for not getting a pic of our delicious meal! It was soooo goooood!! Chef Hubs did a great grillin' job. The cigs are not mine and my fabulous guests need to kick the habit!!  ;)  Not here to preach so moving on!

We spent Friday shopping and relaxing on the couch. I am soo excited about my purchases from our shopping spree. I'll share it all later, but I will give you a hint: It involves Derby... (Kentucky Derby, that is). That night we went to an awesome microbrewery here and since my sister didn't know what to get she did what any smart girl would do- get a beer flight, duh! We got a kick out of the sweet tray that they came on! Check it out:

 We had these to start off our Saturday morning before the parade. YUM! Coffee with Bailey's, Bloody Mary and Whiskey with Soda. Very random spread of drinks but we were all craving something different. After these we moved on to the green beer!

You can't really tell it here, but our tongues were definitely green!

This weekend we are celebrating the hubs' birthday and I can't wait to share the delicious meal that I am preparing on Saturday when we celebrate. Friday just the two of us are going out to dinner to celebrate his actual b-day, but Saturday we are having family over for from scratch German Chocolate Cake and Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes. Can't wait to share it all with you! 

And last but not least, some Polyvore love!

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