Thursday, March 28, 2013


After catching my beloved E! News yesterday, I was very excited to share what I found out: H&M is doing an eco conscious collection. And the pieces look FABulous! Here are a few of my favorites! Just seeing these angles does not do these pieces justice. You really need to go to the website and check out the backs and the details of each of these. SO GORG! And a large range of price points! For those not familiar with H&M, it is another fabulous store that I love just as much as, dare I say it, Forever 21. We have had one for quite some time now in St. Louis, but don't fret my Louisville friends, there is one opening this year to Oxmoore Mall!!! I remember when I first came to Louisville for school and there was not a Forever 21 here yet! That.was.rough.

Now to a different fashion trend that I am NOT so in love with: Flatforms. I'm sure there are many people out there that wear these and look fabulous, but I just think these things are awful. Wear flats or wear platforms. Do not wear these. They are just so... flat. I dunno. 


Forever 21

And something I am loving?

I know it says it is for kids, but so what! It tasted YUMMY and when I saw the flavor I had to try it! Some other new things from Chobani that I can't wait to try are the smaller, therefore less calories, Chobani Bites. One of the blogs I read, Healthy Diva Life (formerly Healthy Diva Eats), raves about these little guys.

Alright, time to clean this house!

Have a great day!

xoxo MaryBeth

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