Monday, February 4, 2013


So what did everyone think of the Super Bowl? I thought for sure that San Fran was going to make a comeback, but alas, they didn't. At least it made for a more exciting game! And Beyonce... OMG. She may not have actually sang as much as I was hoping but she definitely kept me entertained. Girl has a siiiiiiick body. And as much as they tried to deny it, I knew Destiny's Child was going to reunite. I am so pumped for them to shell out some more music!

Here was my look for the evening. Since UofL had a basketball game earlier that day (and I had no team to cheer for in the Super Bowl) I went with UofL attire. We had some snacks throughout the day and a fan-freakin-tastic dinner! Ruby potatoes seasoned and cooked on the stove top with steak and salmon on the grill. Mmmmm..... chef hubs seasoned the steak to perfection. Wish we were eating it again tonight!

Stella & Dot $39
Avalon Crescent Necklace 

I am obsessed with salsa. Love it! Unfortunately, my love affair with salsa usually involves lots and lots of corn chips. Whomp whomp. So, I decided to turn a sneaky calorie bomb snack into a guilt free and healthy one. Before you turn your nose up to peppers as opposed to chips, just try it, I know you will like it! The hubs and I watched our nephews during the basketball game and needless to say, the pizza rolls he cooked were devoured while said veggie plate was only attacked by yours truly. Oh well, more for me! A little later I was ready to munch again so we had some popcorn and beer. Yum!

Now for the grand finale.... dinner. Even thought there is snow on the ground, the hubs decided he wanted to grill and I was not going to stop him. I offered to cook the inside portion of the meal. ha! No more words needed, just check it out below:

I think this is Charlie's attempt at a sad face since he didn't get any steak or salmon. Although, I'm pretty sure the hubs gave them some.... my sneaky boys always trying to tug on my heart strings.

Today I was off work so I hit up a spin class, ran some errands and straightened up around the house. Not too exciting... definitely not anything worthy of getting glammed up. Even though some sweats and my fleece would have been completely fine for all that I did today, I mustered up the strength and put on real clothes. Ha! Lauren Conrad for Kohl's skinny jeans, Forever 21 v-neck top, my beloved rider boots from Payless and an open front sweater from Gap. Of course Stella & Dot found its way in there too!

Stella & Dot
Avalon Crescent Necklace $39
Rebel Pendant Necklace $79

I'm telling you Ladies, the Spring/Summer Collection by Stella & Dot is fabulous! So many awesome pieces AND the price point in comparison to the Fall Collection is WAY better! That is the beauty of S&D, people voice opinions and S&D listens! And, lower prices means even more free jewelry for YOU if you have a Stella & Dot party! I think that if you are going to be having your girlfriends over anyways, an in-home party is perfect! But, if you have friends that love the jewels but no plans get together, no problem! Online parties are SO easy and you get all the same perks! Please message me if you have some interest. I'd be more than happy to give you some info and a look book. No strings attached! Leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you! Or you can reach me through my Stella & Dot page!

I snagged some green tea today too. The benefits of this stuff are never ending! I added one packet of stevia and a splash of skim milk. Mmm.... 

Here is another template I created for Polyvore! I love love love this dress! Forever 21 of course, at the cool price of $28. Redic, I know! The shoes are Charlotte Russe. With a bold yet simple dress like this, I would either go wild with your lips and nails or go to town with the eye makeup. Definitely not both, though!  

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring a sleeveless dress

I guess I should start getting dinner ready. Good old Italian meal for tonight, which I know the hubs will approve of! 

P.S. Can't wait for baseball to start back up!

xoxo MaryBeth

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