Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey Hey! I cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner!! I think that this is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love being cozy and comfy, eating comfort foods, decorating ridiculously and overall just being....well, merry! This pretty much wraps up the decorations at this home though, because once Christmas is over it all comes down and not much goes back up until October! Not that I don't love Easter or Fourth of July, I just don't go to town for those as I do the others. Although, for Easter I do make a pretty mean (as in good) bunny cake! But that will come later. For now, here's a peek into our Winter Wonderland, aka my home. Enjoy!

This little guy managed to make his way into our family last year. We got him from either Home Depot or Lowe's, can't remember! He sits in our front flower bed. Too.damn.cute.

Charlie and Winston both have Christmas ornaments in their honor. Obsessed much? Yes. We still have to paint the ears black on Winston's so it matches him, though.

And, of course Charlie and Winston have stockings. How else is St. Nick going to leave gifts in their stockings if they don't have one?!?! Anyone else celebrate St. Nicholas day? Growing up, we would get fruit, nuts, candy and a small gift in our stocking. And then at school, the teachers would have us leave our shoes in the hallway during class, and then magically St. Nick would swoop by and leave candy in our shoes! Great memories!

This has been my stocking since I was a little kid. And then once the hubs and I got married, he got one too! My mom makes all of them! :)

Charlie and Winston enjoying their St. Nicholas Day gifts... BONES!! Yum!

These pine cones have cinnamon scent on them. MMmmm...

My Mom and Dad have an army of Nutcrackers at their house that are proudly put on display every holiday season. I love them and would like to gradually build my own collection too! It just doesn't seem like home unless there is a nutcracker around!

MMmm.... coffee.....

I'll fill ya in on my looks from this past week/weekend tomorrow. Too much going on in this post as it is!! I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and recharge for this busy week before Christmas!!! So fun!!! :) And, I can proudly announce that with my Christmas shopping!! WooHoo!! CANNOT wait for the hubs to open his gift... :) So exciting!

xoxo MaryBeth

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