Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hey Hey! How was every one's weekend? We lived it up Christmas style and did two of the most festive things I can think of: looked at Christmas lights and went to a Christmas party. Doesn't get much better than that! There is this monster size cave that is under the city and every year they have a car tour through it so you can see their decked out Christmas lights. We have never been to it before so decided to give it a go. Verdict: thumbs up. Probably won't pay to see it again, but glad I went. After that, we drove around the city trying to find great homes that are decked out, just for fun, and stumbled upon what can only be described as this: Griswald's. If you don't know what I am talking about then you probably live under a rock or were deprived as a child. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is probably one of the greatest holiday movies of.all.time. I CANNOT BELIEVE I didn't snap some pictures of this beauty, and it is so overwhelming with lights that I may make the hubby find the house for me again just so I can show it to you all.

I used my ah-mazing bun maker that I mentioned here. It is so easy to use and looks great! The star sweater was a steal from a Target clearance rack: $9. No joke. I also rocked a new purchase, my new dark skinny jeans by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Love! And to top it off, my beloved animal print scarf from Charlotte Russe and my rider boots. Comfy and cute!

Entering the Cave

Saturday we had a Christmas party to go to and then went out to a bar for a bit. We had a great time. Nothing beats getting together with people, enjoying good food and having some drinks. This time of year is the best! For the party I wore a new top by, once again, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and you can get it here. I think the pic of it online is terrible. Trust me, this is a classic top that you will keep in your closet forever. It is a silky button down and the entire shoulder area is covered in lace. It is gorgeous!

I paired the top with my beloved faux leather pants by Rock & Republic for Kohl's and some bad ass cobalt blue heels by Candies for Kohl's. Notice a pattern here? Ha! My Emerson Bangle has blue leather in the middle so it was a perfect addition to the look. Paired that with the Sparkly Spiral Bardot Bangle, Rebel Pendant Necklace and my Michael Kor's rose gold watch. Love!

Need to change the date on my watch. ha

For the Christmas party I made layered taco dip (mmm...) and two kinds of cookies. Double Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin with icing. So good!! I ate a ton of batter while making them. Whoops. Check it out!


And, to continue with the festiveness, I had to wear my apron while making said cookies. I'm a nerd, and I don't care!

Now it is time for me to be a bum and lay on the couch with the hubs. Lazy Sunday indeed!

xoxo  MaryBeth

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