Monday, December 3, 2012


Hey Hey! How was every one's weekend? We traveled, again, for my family's annual pre-xmas trip to good 'ol Branson, MO. It is one of my most favorite trips. We do the exact same thing every time, but I love it! Here's some fashion pics from the weekend.

Travel Day #1

Shopping Day #1
Shopping Day #2
Boots for Both Shopping Days

Branson, MO is basically Christmas on crack. And There is tons of shops and tons of entertainment. We never go to any of the shows or anything, although I wouldn't mind to some day. We like to just hit up all the outlets and little shops. And the guys (dad, brother, hubs) like to hit up the pubs. Ha! It is relaxing and fun. This year we did spice it up a bit, though, and did the, "Polar Express" which is the scenic train of Branson. It was the cutest thing in the world. We all got a commemorative mug with endless hot chocolate and sugar cookies, Santa and Mrs. Clause gave each child a bell (like the book/movie), a man hole punched our tickets, the homeless train hopper guy was there, and there was singing. Like I said, too cute!!



Before we left for Branson, I got out all of our Christmas decorations. Our house is now a winter wonderland! ha! The only thing we haven't done yet is to hang our lights on our house, but clearly that one is not my job. I'll have some pics later this week to share. Oh, and you know I hit up Home Goods and Michael's for a few new holiday, "pieces". Can't help myself!

Happy Monday! riiiight.....

xox MaryBeth

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