Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I had the pleasure of testing out some fabulous nail wraps by Jamberry and I am hooked! I have a sports team set from a while back that I have not gotten around to testing out, but I am definitely going to be breaking them out sooner than later now that I know what it is all about! The black and white stripes are my favorite pattern so far! I think I am partial to the stripes. Love! 

The finished product:

I decided to do two accent nails on each hand and have all the rest of the wraps set aside for another time. I absolutely love black and white stripes, and I love this!

I matched up the appropriately sized wrap with my nail, pulled it off the sheet and cut it in half (half for each hand). I applied heat to it with my blow dryer for a few seconds and then pressed the wrap on my nail. Using my rubber cuticle pusher, I firmly pressed the wrap down along my nail until nice and smooth. 

I then applied heat again with the blow dryer, hence the redness of my fingers, and then smoothed it out again with the cuticle pusher. Trim the access off the end with a scissor and then file the rest of the excess off in a downward motion. Seriously easy!

For more information on Jamberry or to purchase, check out my consultant's page here

There are SO MANY colors, patterns, finishes, sports teams, etc. The possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to try more! They get my seal of approval, for sure!

xoxo MaryBeth

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