Saturday, December 13, 2014


Not many things are better than sparkles and sequins. And not may things are better than comfy pants covered in sequins. Hence, exhibit A:

I mentioned these beauties on the blog a little while back and at the time I knew they were not going to stick around very long! And, surprise surprise, they are sold out at this current time. Don't fret though, because Forever 21 is usually very good about restocking in-demand items. Fingers crossed! 

This flowy, comfortable and appropriately sexy tank is by Mossimo for Target and is actually on sale now! I got mine for $19.99 but it is currently $13.99 and also comes in the color, "serene peach". Check it out here! I promise you won't regret this one! It is hard to see in my pic, but it has very pretty lace accents. Love! Perfect on its own or paired with a blazer, this is chic and affordable!

And lastly, those heels. Oh, those heels. I recently got these on a shopping trip with my family (I may have gotten them in nude too.. whoops!) because I was sick of seeing EVERYONE wearing these strappy heels except me! They are so damn cute and extremely versatile! These bad boys are from Versona and are only.... drumroll please... $24.99! Score! Hit up your local Versona if you have one and get these!

Have a great weekend! We are headed to The Nutcracker tonight :)  Lots of sparkle, lots of tulle and lots of fantasies of being a ballerina will commence tonight!

xoxo MaryBeth

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