Monday, September 15, 2014


Who all got their hands on some Altuzarra for Target?!?! I meandered my way in to Target on Sunday afternoon and am SO glad I got there when I did. I managed to score this beauty! I honestly did not think that this dress would actually be in the stores! My original plan was to arrive at Target first thing in the morning, but Saturday night's shenanigans prevented that from happening... oops!

Altuzarra Wrap Dress

I tried on this dress and one other dress for size comparisons because I ended up needed to get two sizes larger than what I normally would expect to wear. So if you are ordering online, just beware that they run small!! I already know the exact occasion that I will be rocking this for. Can't wait!

Surprisingly, last time I checked a lot of the collection was still available on Target's website. That gorgeous maxi dress I was swooning about on the blog was on there but I decided to hold off. If it is meant to be, the clearance gods will bless me with that beauty down the road. ha!

xoxo MaryBeth

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