Saturday, May 24, 2014


Another day, another Kim Kardashian wedding... ha! Hate her if you want, but her and her family brought out the guns, fashion-wise, for this past week of pre-weddig events! And as my guilty pleasure, I had to scope out all the pics. Although this one particular dress may not be understood or liked by many, I freaking died over it. Anything Balmain produces I am obsessed with. The amount of structure and detail that goes in to all of their pieces is amazing. One of these days I'll get myself some Balmain, one of these days... ha! White, baby blue and covered in beads! I know it is different, but what a piece of art! 

Balmain Fall 2012

While Kimmy K was off getting married in a lavish Italian wedding today, I did a little makeup magic of my own and ran some errands. Cover Girl and E.L.F. baby!

The button down top from Target and jean shorts from Forever 21 are both pretty old, but these exact styles are definitely still out there! Wedge heels are Charlotte Russe from last summer. Love!

Now I just need to get a tan! Faux is the way to go, though! My days of baking out in the sun are way behind me and skin care/protection are numero uno! 

xoxo MaryBeth

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