Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I cannot believe Derby weekend is over! We had SO much fun and aside from being a little chilly on Friday, the weather was amazing. This post is very pic heavy, sorry!

A horse and garland of roses is only appropriate!

My parent's dog, Buddy, wanted to get in on the action! He's the winner!! haha

All the ladies heading out for Oaks Day races! Dress by Candie's for Kohl's :)

The Oaks, "Lilly" drink! MmmMmm good!

One of my best friends, Dana, came in town along with my parents and some friends of the family. Her handmade fascinator was fabulous!

Posing by some trash bags.... LOL

This Kroger makes the Garland of Lilly's the night before Oaks and the Garland of Roses the night before Derby. So after our day at Churchill Downs on Friday we swung by to see the garland for Derby being assembled. So cool! 

Derby Day was spent at our house with family and friends. The weather was PERFECT and we had a nice relaxing day full of good food, good drinks and a good time.

We were all ready to eat and drink! Any drink you could imagine plus Bourbon Balls, Mini Hot Browns, Derby Pie, Benedictine Dip, Beer Cheese and barbecue! It was all SO good!

Studying up on the horses prior to placing their Derby bet!

Rose dress from Forever 21 :)

And no Derby party is complete without some sweet wall coverings! ha! Always a hit!

And the most exciting part of the weekend... my pic made it to Sports Illustrated online!! They informed me that a picture had been taken and for me to write a quote and my name on a piece of paper. My hand was so frozen from not only the cold weather but the drink in my hand so I could barely write legibly! ha! So excited the pic made the cut though!

xoxo MaryBeth

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