Friday, March 14, 2014


The hubs' bday is this weekend and it also conveniently happens to be the weekend for all things St. Patrick's Day! So, on the agenda is a visit from my parents (YAY!), corned beef & cabbage and last, but certainly not least, my yearly German Chocolate Cake from scratch. The hubs loves GCC so I make it for his birthday.


And this is not your, "..substitute this for that because it is healthier..." cake. Ohhh no. This is the, "you want me to add HOW many sticks of butter", cake. And it is damn good. Especially with some ice cream on the side. Recipe is here.

But alas, there is still hope for some healthy knowledge on today's bog post. My Dad actually found this recipe and gave it to me to try. First batch is in the oven as we speak.

All the dry ingredients

Just prior to being tossed in the oven... we will see how it turns out!

And time for the fashion! 

Comfy tee with faux leather details

Black skinny jeans and rider boots

Topped off with this extremely comfy and warm Michael Kors cardigan I snagged a while back from TJ Maxx. They ALWAYS have Michael Kors products, never fails. From purses to dresses to shoes... its all there... all the time.

xoxo MaryBeth

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