Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Are you as shocked as I am that I did not win the lottery?! Damn. The little 'ol blog would have gotten a lot more interesting if that had happened! Until next time... ha! 

Before I get started I have some great news for my Louisville fashion loving friends! I might be new to this development, but while at Mall St. Matthews today I stumbled upon a new store, Windsor. This is a FABULOUS store. So pumped about it! I knew Windsor existed in the online world, but had never seen a physical location, until now that is! I stopped in on my way to Charlotte Russe and had to force myself to leave. I was on a mission for one particular item and had to snap myself back into Christmas shopping mission mode. I could have tried on a million things there if I had no agenda for the day!

Anyways, here are some holiday inspired shoes from Charlotte Russe that I am loving! I actually have the pair in the top left and the top middle. They are FAB-ulous! And as usual, Charlotte Russe has killer deals on their shoes. The current promo is buy one, get one for $10. Can't beat that! 

MBpK Style

MBpK Style by marybethklingenfus featuring high heel pumps

Short and sweet post for tonight. But before I go I wanted to share a yummy food combo I had yesterday: cottage cheese and orange slices. It might sound gross but it is super yummy! Lots of protein and vitamin C. Yay!

And last, but certainly not least, an amazing find I made while Christmas shopping today. Serendipity frozen hot chocolate!!! My sister, Holly, and I ate there (New York) while we vacationed together a few years ago and so I knew I had to get it! Gotta love Home Goods!!!! They have the most wonderfully random things all the time.

We are going to be enjoying these on Christmas, and I cannot wait!

Circa 2010... crazy how time flies!

Yeah.... it was pretty damn good!

xoxo MaryBeth

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