Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Remember back in the Myspace days (yeah, i had a profile for about two seconds)? I am definitely a Facebook person but I do remember that on Myspace you could have a song come on anytime someone was on your page. Well, if my blog could do that (I'm sure it can but I don't want to drive people crazy) then my theme song would have to be, "Fashion" on Lady Gaga's new album. OB-sessed! Do me a favor and go to this YouTube link here, press play and enjoy this blog post to some tunes :)


Happy Hump Day!! CAN-not wait for Thanksgiving! It is definitely a contender for my favorite holiday. Not sure what it is about Thanksgiving, but it brings me so much joy! I found a super cute sweater at Forever 21 for Thanksgiving, and I'll share that later. My trip to Forever 21 turned out to be a very successful one! Not only did I find my sweater, I found my Christmas Eve dress and New Years Eve dress. Score!! 

So, the football game the other day was, as expected, very very cold! I broke out my fab long black coat and added some pops of red for our team. 

Found this gem at our Liquor Barn. Last year when they released one of these my family decided to have a blind taste off. It was great! So when we saw this we knew we had to snag one to bring to St. Louis for my family. A lot of the market testing products that Anheuser Busch puts out don't always seem to be available in St. Louis (or at least that is my experience), probably because most people living there are going to love anything AB puts out! I'm guilty of it! Gotta have pride, ya know! (if you are completely clueless to what I'm talking about, Anheuser Busch is head quartered in St. Louis ;)

My look for today is comfy and cute! A little denim on denim never hurt anybody, AS LONG as the washes are not the same. Now THAT would not be cute! Actually, I take that back because I'm sure someone could find an example of it being pulled off just fine. I digress...

Denim top from Target, jeans and boots by Charlotte Russe.

Paired with my fab Forever 21 faux leather vest. Love!

And some Stella & Dot love- Cross Bracelet and Soar Necklace

Are you excited for Thanksgiving?!?

xoxo MaryBeth

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