Friday, November 1, 2013


Did everyone have a Happy Halloween?! The weather here was terrible, so we only had a handful of trick or treaters. Boo. Trick or treaters were encouraged to postpone their candy collecting to today or tomorrow. I knew that there would still be some courageous kids out there so we were prepared with candy anyways. 

Charlie did not like the wind (or the few people that did come to our house) so he had to watch guard. So silly!

As much as I dislike how this windy, wet and cold weather messed with Halloween, I am SO ready for the cold weather to come so I can break out some faux fur. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw this pic yesterday. Yes, I have a faux fur vest problem! Ha! But, when those vests are coming from Forever 21 then it is totally affordable! No joke, these are heavy duty and made very well. I am BEYOND pleased with them. Each one is under $40. Cannot.beat.that. I linked the first three in this pic already on the blog so check them out here.

Some eats lately:

Spinach, turkey, feta, onion, almonds and pepperoncinis with a side of half a sweet potato with some cinnamon on top. Yum!

Zucchini, squash, spinach, feta, onion, almond and grilled chicken.

And lastly, vegetable spaghetti! Instead of a carb loaded pasta meal I decided to cook up a bag of frozen stir fry veggies in some olive oil, pepper, sea salt and garlic powder. Topped with some beef, pasta sauce and Parmesan. To those that turn their head, give it a try! The hubs used some whole wheat pasta because he is NOT willing to give it a try. ha! Win some, lose some.

Have a great Halloween weekend! 

xoxo MaryBeth


  1. That's a great price for vests. Did kids come the day after then? I've heard of cities/towns postponing Halloween, but we never have a weather problem here.

    1. The vests are awesome quality too!! We had hardly any trick or treaters the entire weekend and I am now trying to get rid of all this candy before I eat it all!!


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