Monday, October 14, 2013


What's a girl to do when her outfit needs to transition from tailgate to late night? It is all in the shoes ladies! Instead of the typical, "oh I'll be fine in my stilettos all day and night" response, I decided to use the sometimes practical head of mine and pack the stilettos in the car for later that night. Painful feet can lead me to complete meltdown. Think midnight in the movie Cinderella, minus the happy ending. Everything just falls apart! ha!

Chi Waver for my hair, Forever 21 dress, Charlotte Russe over-the-knee boots, Payless rider boots and Stella & Dot jewels.The Soar Necklace is one of my absolute favorite necklaces I own from S&D. Very delicate with a very powerful meaning. Love!

This fab Target vest was featured in my last post and It is the cutest thing ever and with the detachable hood it can transition from frigid temps to slightly warmer ones without looking ridiculous. I'm usually more, "cold" than not, but I still don't want to be the girl wearing a parka when it is 80 degrees outside. ha!

Charlie basking in the sunlight... tough life, Charlie, tough life. ha! Winston was probably outside "protecting" the backyard at this time from any moving object he detected. These two scenarios sum up my baby boys' personalities quite well.

Anyone watch Walking Dead  season premier last night!?!? Oh this show gets me every time! Cannot get enough! Thanks (and not thanks) to Netflix, the hubs and I were able to watch all the previous seasons in a sickeningly short period of time. BUT, we have now entered the world in which all others live and have to wait a WHOLE WEEK for another episode!? Blasphemy! Some snacks we made for the season premier: popcorn, apple slices and some colby jack cheese. Yum!

Happy Monday!

xoxo MaryBeth

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