Sunday, September 8, 2013


If only I could be at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.... ohhhh it would be magical.... So what is the next best thing? Live streaming of the shows!! Uhh... heck yes!

For this post I wanted to focus on just a few of the trends for this Fall. I am SO ready to rock some of these looks!

This Fall is all about BOOTS! Ankle, calf, knee, over the knee and thigh high oh my! Flat, high heeled, cat heeled, stiletto or stacked! Lace up, buckle up, zip up! Sleek, rugged, studded... Okay, you get it. BOOTS! I just recently got the black Payless rider boots on the bottom right of this set. They are fab! I got them in brown last season with the plan to get the black ones this season. Love! 

Fall Shoe Trends

Fall Shoe Trends by marybethklingenfus featuring front lace up boots

Next on the list are fab coats. Moto jackets and vests, particularly the quilted style, are going to be a go to look for this Fall. And don't fret, these are timeless trends. I have a faux leather jacket from Forever 21 that is almost four years old and I have yet to go out on the town in it and not receive a compliment. I added to my collection for this season and got a faux leather vest with stud detailing. Can't wait to rock it!

Fall Outerwear Trends

Fall Outerwear Trends by marybethklingenfus featuring a brown coat

The key is to find one or two trends that you love and add them to your collection. Then the next season add another, and so on. Not only will your wallet be happy, but you will be able to really enjoy the few new pieces you have without being overwhelmed with options! I almost hesitated to get the faux leather vest because I know it is going to compete with my jacket- fashion lover problems over here! haha I know it sound ridiculous, but it's true. 

FUN sweaters! Luckily you can find a ton of these at Forever 21 and Old Navy, just to name a couple affordable places! So fun, and that's what fashion is all about, right?!

Fall Sweater Trends

Fall Sweater Trends by marybethklingenfus featuring long sleeve tops

And don't let those sweaters steal all the attention! Mixing them with flowy skirts and under leather vests or jackets is a major trend for this Fall. Don't have many skirts and don't want to buy any? No problem, top the sweater over your favorite sun dress, no one will know, I promise ;)  Throw on some tights and your favorite boots and you are good to go!

Fall Skirt/Sweater Trends

Fall Skirt/Sweater Trends by marybethklingenfus featuring a black button sweater

Olivia Palermo always looks stylish!


Happy Sunday!

xoxo MaryBeth

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