Saturday, July 6, 2013


Will this rain ever stop!? Blah! Yesterday I went to the movies and saw World War Z. Not only is Brad Pitt good to look at, but the movie was very good! I def recommend. My look for the casual day was skinnies by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, fab flats and tank from Target and my awesome Michael Kors sweater steal from TJ Maxx. 

Today I finally made it to Gilt! The SECOND I walked through the doors I immediately noticed and made a bee line to this gorgeous gown. I.die.

Find a beautiful dress: score. Find a beautiful dress by Marchesa: double score. Find a beautiful dress by Marchesa that is one of the most expensive items in the store: failure. Ugh.. this beauty was originally over $6000, marked down to $3500 and then you get an extra 60% off. Still too much moolah for me. Enter sad face. I think I'm just going to stalk the store until they mark it down. ha! I dunno if it will every reach my price point. Such is life... ugh! I know it is a little different, but this picture does NOT do it justice. It is a piece of art, I tell ya!! 

Mi madre is in town with me so after Gilt and a Barnes & Noble run through (we are both major book worms), we hit up Jason's Deli for lunch. I had never been before but have heard amazing things. Well, it definitely lived up to the hype! SO good!

The, "Nutty Mixed-Up Salad" is to die for! We both got one of these bad boys and ended up putting the Cuban Panini in a to-go box for later tonight. I will definitely be frequenting this place more often!

Another stop we made was Penzeys Spices. My first thought was, "really, a shop of spices?". Well, this place is totally awesome!! It makes you want to go home and whip up the most amazing meals in the world! A lot of the spices are accompanied with recipes to use them in and every spice has a special jar next to it so you can smell the spice. Very neat store and I'm glad we stopped in!

Got a long night of couch laying and movie watching ahead! 

xoxo MaryBeth

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