Friday, May 10, 2013


First things first. Three words: Met Gala Fashion. The theme this year, as declared by Anna Wintour herself, was punk. Most of the looks were, eh, so so, but these few really stood out to me. What do you think?!


While these celebs were living it up in NYC at The Met, I was living my normal, not 24-7 glamour, life. Ha! I did manage to squeeze in some R&R though! Got my hair trimmed at my beloved Omagi Salon by the fabulous Kristin and picked up a couple items before I left. Damage remedy for my hair and fun summery lip gloss that just so happened to match my recent nail polish purchase. Love!

This polish may look a little pink in the pic, but it is coral all.the.way! It is actually called Coral Reef!

I enjoyed this lovely glass of Chardonnay while the hubs started a grease fire in our grill grilled up some steak, salmon and potatoes. Mmm...

Charlie and Winston loving the outdoors, and the potential prospect of food falling on the ground for them to scoop up!

Actually, Winston is equally concerned with patrolling the backyard for any unwanted creatures. He really does think he is a 100lb dog. Sorry to burst his bubble, but his 5lb frame is a far cry from what he thinks he is. ha! They both have hearts bigger than imaginable though. Love my boys!

O'Charly's take-out for tonight, paired with this...


And lastly, a couple things to bring on the LOL's. In case you live under a rock, or don't come from/live in a city that loves hockey, the St. Louis Blues are in the playoffs and are in need of a come-back rally! Any St. Louis Cardinal's fan knows that we are not strangers to making HUGE comebacks in times of despair. 

And secondly, we think Winston licked a light socket or something! ha!

Happy Friday!!

xoxo MaryBeth

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