Thursday, May 9, 2013


The farm was a success. Cows, cats, a horse, big machinery. What else could a three year old boy ask for?

Too cute!

The hubs' dad taking a break from work on the farm and pushed Tony in the tire swing.

Petting the newest addition to the farm, a horse! Soo pretty! 

Oaks Day was fabulous as well! Forever21 dress, Charlotte Russe wedges and Versona fascinator. Love!

He loved that horse!

Mom, me, sister-n-law, Mary and BFF, Dana. Pretty!

Brother, nephew, Dad, Hubs and brother's friend/my friend/Dana's man, Angelo. Handsome men!

My cousin and her hubby arrived later that evening, but it was still a MUST that they get a pic! Too cute!

haha He was tired when we got there! Even got his pic taken by a newspaper reporter! Angelo may have a photo similar to this one from later in the day... ha!  

Drink of the day! The Oaks Lily

Watching one of the races!

Aside from whiping out, busting up my knee and scuffing my brand new wedges before we even entered Churchill Downs and flashing a group of men behind us I had such a fun time! The weather was AH-mazing!

The sign of a good day, indeed.

Now to some Derby day decorations and food!

Background scenery. Heck, if we weren't going to be AT the Derby, I was gonna bring the Derby to us! I also have this backdrop covering the walls in our basement.... excited much? Yes.

My sister-in-law and I had to strategically place it so the door to the garage could still open. Genius's!

Forgot to get a pic of the side bar and all its glory. Fail. And also forgot to get a pic of the main food table and it's decorations. Boo. And worst of all.... I didn't get any pics of myself or any of the ladies! Major Fail!!! I rocked a slicked back pony and black/white dress. It was actually so chilly and rainy that day that most of us bailed on our Derby outfits for jeans and hoodies. I did break down by the end of the night and rocked some skinny jeans and a sweater.

It took about five pics like this to get...

...this one!

About 80% of the snacks on this table my Mom brought in to town with her. Conversation goes something like this, "Do you need me to bring anything?", "No, Mom, we are good", "Ok, see you soon then". And bam! She is the queen of snack supplies. The hubs and I actually bet on what kinds and how many snacks my parents were going to show up with. haha! You better bet those snacks were put to good use, though! Gotta love my parents! :)

Mini Hot Browns pre oven... Mmmmm

Crowded around the iPad. This was probably the only moment that they weren't running around like crazy boys!

The night after everyone went home (enter sad face) the hubs and I had ice cream cones and Bourbon Balls. Yum!

What did you do for Derby?

xoxo MaryBeth

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