Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, this has been a rainy, gloomy day for sure. Got in another dose of Power Hour at the gym today and it was fabulous, aka I now have noodle legs. Feel.the.burn. Since I now know what Power Hour class is all about, I made sure to eat a hearty breakfast. Annnnd you guessed it: OATS!

After Power Hour I hit up the grocery because our pantry was looking a little empty. Amongst many other things, I snagged up some fruit. I swear my collapsable/expandable colander is probably one of the greatest inventions! Love it. 

Earlier this afternoon I munched on some microwave eggs. One egg, two egg whites, feta, milk, microwave, boom. Topped with salsa and pepper and there you have it. 

Polyvore pics for this Friday are sleek, hobo chic and sailor style. Love!

Fab Fridays

Fab Fridays

Fab Fridays

Fab Fridays by marybethklingenfus featuring stella & dot

Recognize the orangish/coral dress from anywhere? ;)

Not sure what we are getting in to tonight, so we shall see! 

Are you loving the sailor style? I'm obsessed!

xoxo MaryBeth


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