Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hey Hey! Who's watching the Grammy's?! Let's be honest, I only care about the performances.... and the fashion ;)

Today I made my way to Target to check out the Prabal Gurung collection, and although I thought it was cute and fun, I didn't end up buying anything. The blazer that I was dying over didn't really impress in person. I was hoping it would be made of a satin-like material but it was cotton and just didn't really strike me like it did in the ad. We will see, maybe in a few days I'll go back and check it out again. Did any of you get something from the collection?! 

After I left Target I swung by TJ Maxx, not for any particular reason but because I hadn't been in a while. Gosh I love that store! I snagged this super freaking cute cotton top with faux leather shoulders and faux leather pocket. And another item I got a HUGE deal on.. drum roll please.... a Michael Kors open front sweater originally $150 for $29. I die. There were SO MANY MK purses there too that I had to walk away. I can make an impulse buy at $29, but these purses are all still in  the $100+ range and I was not about to do that! Check out my steals!

Dinner tonight was of the salad variety with some shredded turkey. Mmmm. I also found this gem by Bolthouse Farms at my local grocery and decided to buy the mini bottle to see if it was good before I took the plunge and bought the big container. Verdict? pretty darn good! They have several different mixes and flavors, so I am excited to try them out.

And another great find that I stumbled upon at the checkout line was this new flavor of gum. I love how Extra has all these dessert flavors! And all the ones I have had are on point in the flavor department. Crazy how they can do that! This one was a must buy for me because my mom makes the most delicious, "Gooey Butter Cake", and I wanted to see how the gum lived up to it. Obviously, nothing can replace the actual dessert, but this was still really good!

Short and sweet post. Gotta get back to my Grammy watching! 

xoxo MaryBeth

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  1. LOVED watching the Grammys last night, so good! Rihanna was amazing, so many amazing performers!!!


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