Friday, January 4, 2013


Hey Hey! Before we get to my new running kicks, how about those Louisville Cardinals and their Sugar Bowl upset! Needless to say, the hubs has been in an exceptionally good mood since. So, today I had some work commitments to get out of the way and also made my way back to the eye doctor.. boo. My vision just didn't seem to be that great, and when I would drive at night or early in the morning all the lights (street lamps, car head/tail lights, etc) would glare/glimmer. Basically, it looked like each light had a million spikes coming off of them. After a few more eye exams, switching out my contacts with some new ones and realizing that one of my contacts was actually inside out (oops), I can now see better. So, we shall see.

After all that excitement (ugh) I made my way to the shoe store because my running shoes were seriously expired. It's funny how running/working out is something I really enjoy and do very frequently, but when it comes to spending money on that hobby, I'm always reluctant. My feet, particularly my heels, always hurt and so keeping my workout shoes updated should and needs to be a top priority. Lately, I have been loving Asics shoes and decided to stick with them again. Check em out:

Asics Platinum 5

I also was in desperate need for some, "everyday" tennis shoes. I used to own the classic New Balance 574 shoes, but haven't had a pair in a while. They are impossible to find in person, so I had to search them on the internet. I am always tempted to get a pair with funky colors, but decided to stick with the simple and versatile grey pair. Zappos is fabulous and so I chose to go through their website. Free shipping! Yay! Can't wait for them to get here. 

New Balance 574

Another exciting thing going on is the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale! I am avoiding VS at this time.. haha. The deals are always good, but I don't have anything I need from there right now. I usually take the Semi Annual Sale as an opportunity to stock up on sports bras, but the ones I currently have are still in pretty good shape. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out! Love me some VS! 

Not sure what we are doing tonight, but hopefully it will be fun! 

Have a great weekend!

xoxo MaryBeth

+New Balance 

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