Friday, January 25, 2013


Hey Hey!! I hope everyone is off to a fab weekend! It is chilly here! Brrr.... First things first, here are some of my eats lately:

Clif Mojo bars are soooo good. And, at 70% organic you can feel good about eating it! This was a new flavor to me and I really enjoyed it!

This here salad was lunch the other day. Pic on the left is before I added my dressing and mixed it. YUM! Spinach, kale, cauliflower, radish. carrots, purple onion, celery, tomato and dressing. 

I found this gem in the organic section of my local grocery. Lets just say it didn't last very long in my pantry and I may have eaten myself to the point of almost popping (which defeats the purpose of eating healthy..oh well, win some lose some). Oops... 

Added some almond milk.... win!

Today for lunch I topped some spinach with microwave eggs. Basically, I mix one whole egg, two egg whites, smidge of milk, smidge of cheese and some sliced up jalapenos. Mix, microwave, eat. Topped all that with this new find. My local grocery started its own organic line of products with great competitive prices! This salsa is VERY GOOD!! I loved it!  

Moving on, I wanted to share this fabulous website called, Wayfair, with everyone. I haven't purchased anything from it (yet) but they always have GREAT sales and awesome products. And, they sell anything you can imagine from furniture, to bar ware, to strollers, to decor: you name it, they probably got it! 

Tonight I am heading to a girls dinner with some work friends at Cheesecake Factory (YUM!). Super excited that they now have a "skinnylicious" menu, that offers a ton of things for way less guilt. Too bad there isn't cheesecake on the skinnylicious menu..ha, riiight. Some things are meant to be and indulgence, and cheesecake is one of them! Here is my look for tonight:

Blazer- Forever 21

Of course the jewelry is from my personal collection of Stella&Dot. Have an interest in any of it, please message me! I've got look books for the new collection burning a hole in my hand! Ok, I need to head out for my dinner! 

Have a great Friday!!

xoxo MaryBeth

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