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Hey Hey! Hanging with the hubs watching some basketball... story of my life lately! So the info on my wedding jewelry is going to be postponed to later this week. Don't have enough time at the moment to sort through wedding photos to find the best ones of my jewels, so I'll wait until I have enough time to do it the right way! :)  

Recently I have decided to try and eat a little more, "clean". By no means am I going to be able to be an ALL organic, ALL the time kind of person, but I figure if two of my three main meals are, "clean" then that's not too shabby! I tend to eat light breakfasts and lunches, surrounded by snacks, and then a normal dinner. Hopefully it won't be too difficult. The hubs gave me that look at first, like, the "are you serious" look. But now (after a couple days, ha) I think he is on board, a little. Hey, it's a start!

Since I am trying to clear out some of our not so "clean" food items, it was only necessary to polish off our peanut butter container (since I am trying organic almond butter next) with some overnight oats. Overnight oats are something that I have seen a lot of in the blog world. And when a jar of your favorite nut butter is almost gone, it is the mac daddy of overnight oats because otherwise, they would just be in a normal container. See for yourself: 

Overnight Oats

Now that this peanut butter is gone (I don't want to waste any food we already have in our pantry) I can move on with my "clean" ways. To achieve this amazingness, I used what would otherwise be tossed into the trash due to the land of unreachable peanut butter jar crevices, and filled it with 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup raw oats and 1/4 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein. Put the lid back on, place in fridge and eat in the morning. YUMmy! Obviously, you can make up any concoction you wish, but this one is pretty darn good!

For dinner the other night, we enjoyed some fresh salmon on a cedar plank, grilled to perfection by Chef Hubs. It was literally to.die.for. I consider myself a salmon connoisseur (aka I order salmon EVERYWHERE we go) and so when I say this salmon was amazfest, I mean it!! Never will I ever buy frozen salmon in bulk bags again. 

Mmmm....drooling.....nom nom...

We paired this bad boy with a sweet potato and side salad. The side salad was a doozy in itself too! Kale, spinach, cauliflower, radish, celery, carrots, feta and purple onion. Onion only on mine though. Chef Hubs dislikes onion VERY much. He also dislikes being around someone (wonder who that could be) who has recently eaten onions... ha!

For dinner tonight, I made a black bean sweet potato chili, courtesy of the Fitnessista. Her blog was literally the first blog I ever read on a regular basis and have been a die hard follower every since. I think I have been reading her blog for about two years now! She has no idea who I am, and has no idea about my little ol blog, so I am genuinely just giving her a shout out because, well, she deserves it! Anyways, here's some prep pics of dinner. Ch ch check it out! Yes, that first pic is chopped onion. As long as it is chopped up reeaally small and well cooked, the hubs can deal with it.

You can find the recipe on the Fitnessista's website, but here are the main ingredients (minus the almond butter, ha). I did add beef to mine, she doesn't. And, I found out that I do not have Cumin, so I substituted Coriander. It was goood. Now on to the maple almond butter. This brand has also been floating around the blog world so I knew that when I took the "other-than-peanut" butter challenge, I would just need to fork up the cash and try this one. I did get it on sale, but it was still more expensive than my regular peanut butter. I sliced up a cameo apple, got out my two TBSP of almond butter, and went to town. The TBSP may or may not have found its way back into the container after the allotted two scoops were gone... Ooops. Verdict: muy bueno!! 

I did make some other "clean" purchases, but I won't bore you with all that right now. I'll share as I go along. Hopefully I can keep it up! There is a new store near me called, Earth Fare, that I am way too excited about trying out and hopefully will keep me motivated! I joined online and received a bunch of coupons, so we shall see. I want to make sure I don't raise the grocery bill, and this place might be dangerous! It looks similar to Trader Joe's and World Market, which are both fab stores!

Have a great night!!

xoxo MaryBeth

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