Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey Hey! This pretty much sums up my night:

Notice my sweet pajamas?? ;) My throat started feeling sore at work today, so I figured I'd ditch the work out, get some healthy takeout with the hubs, drink hot tea and blog. And I must say, it feels good! Don't get me wrong, getting in a good sweat sesh after work always feels good (even though it is usually a mental battle to get myself to go after 12+ hours at work) but I decided to listen to my body and just rest. So while I am in relax mode, the hubs is in super focused/intense mode watching the National Championship football game. haha

So, for tonight's post I have two exciting things to share. The first involves my fab Stella&Dot jewelry. I have been anticipating this moment for a very long time. The Spring/Summer Collection for 2013 is here!! The collection is available to the public starting January 11th! If you are interested in anything, please let me know!! You can reach me through my personal S&D website here. Super stoked!

My other exciting news is that Forever 21 has a stud focused collection of items, all in one place! Ahhh man do I love studs on ANYTHING! I want every.single.item. I die! If anyone from Forever 21 is reading this (riiiight) I would cry out of pure joy to have every item in this collection! 

Shop Here

A few that caught my eye right away....  

Forever 21 $32.80
Spiked Metallic Sweater
 three colors available

Forever 21 $19.80
Studded Peplum Top

Forever 21 $36.80
Studded Ankle Strap Sandals

Forever 21 $34.80
Studded Shoulder Patch Pullover

Forever 21 $24.80
Structured Studded Clutch

Forever 21 $29.80
Studded Shoulder Jacket 

LOVE the blue!

Ok, enough fantasizing for one night...

Have a great week!

xoxo MaryBeth

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