Friday, December 28, 2012


Hey Hey! So, after giving this many thoughts and a good look, I can't help but think that Target is kicking themselves in the butt after this Neiman Marcus collaboration. Do not get me wrong, the pieces are beautiful and it always feels nice to have that name brand on your tag (whether we admit it or not), but if I am going for a Target shopping spree the last thing I want to do is drop $70 on a shirt. When I first heard the promotions for it I.was.stoked. And when the line launched and I didn't go to Target THAT DAY, I feared that it would all be gone before I had the chance to get my paws on it. Well, as life would have it, I never made it in to see the line and I just chalked it up as a big miss on my part, but oh well. Well, I meandered my way in when the entire collection just happened to be on sale at 50% off and the sight I saw, I will never forget. Every rack, every shelf, every accessory: untouched. Normally, when I see a 50% off sign it is usually accompanied by what can only be described as a tornado. This was my sign that I indeed had not missed out. In fact, I found it extremely humorous. As I walked past the unscathed collection I giggled to myself and thought, "I'll see you later at the clearance rack". There are two shirts in particular that I do really like:

Target ($79) now, $39
Tracy Reese Blouse

Target ($79) now, $39
Robert Rodriguez Top

Hopefully the three of us will meet one day at the magical land of clearance at Target. And, don't get me wrong, these are beautiful clothes, and maybe it was just this particular Target location, but my hesitation was made totally legit when I saw those crisp, clean and untouched racks of clothes and accessories on sale. So, moral of the story: what may seem like a deal to one, may not be to another. If you are sitting there reading this post rocking some fabulous Neiman Marcus Collection attire, please don't hate me. I may be rocking some of my own in a couple weeks, or sooner if I cave in (that Tracy Reese top just keeps calling my name...). 

Have a great weekend!!

xoxo MaryBeth

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