Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hey Hey! Does everyone have plans for NYE?!? I think we are going to get dressed up, go to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again dinner and then hit the town to celebrate the upcoming year! And, it would only be appropriate if my dress was covered in, none other than, black sequins. I'll have pics to share with you next year (haha, cheesy joke, I know). Basically, any reason to get super glammed up makes me giddy! Can.not.wait.

So, I came across something on the internet that I thought might really interest some of you. But first, let me explain how I stumbled upon this gem. I was looking for a classy bag to carry around my laptop in and in true MaryBeth fashion, I found the, "perfect", bag that was perfectly out of my price range. Enters, Michael Kors. Oh, Michael Kors, how I love thee and everything you make. If only I was a millionaire, I would live in MK. Which is funny because, maybe I'm wrong, but I find that a lot of his designs are sleek, clean and classic. Not that I am not sleek, clean or classic, but I tend to like a lot of funky things, too. Anyways, Apple is staffed with a bunch of geniuses (duh!) who thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with MK for some tech friendly, fashion friendly, totes (amongst a few other things). Here is what I'm lusting over:

Michael Kors for Apple $299
Jet Set Travel Tote For Mac BookPro

Clearly, I cannot justify purchasing this bag (even though I want to!) when I could easily find another cute bag for a fraction of the cost to tote around my laptop. So, like any smart shopper, I headed to TJ Maxx. They ALWAYS have MK purses and I figured I could find something comparable. I did come across the Hamilton Bag by MK, but it was still $199 (originally $375 or something). Boo. Then I came across this:

This bag is so beautiful! I actually think, dare I say it, that I like this bag better than the, "Hamilton" MK bag that I saw at TJ Maxx. This is from Ivanka Trump's bag line and is originally $175. I got it for $79! I can't wait to use it! I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I read the tag and saw that it was by Ivanka Trump. I knew she had started a line but I kind of wrote it off as just another one of those things celebrities do. But I was wrong. It is fabulous, and TJ Maxx actually had it in a few different colors and finishes. I wanted them all!

So, now to the original point of this post. After all this purse searching and finding, I decided to research my new Ivanka Trump purchase online to see if I could have gotten it for even cheaper on the internet. That is when I stumbled upon this website. It is called The Real Real, and before I could access it I had to create a profile. No biggie though. Basically, this is a website dedicated to designer consignment!! Now, I will warn you, just because it is consignment doesn't mean you are going to get a Chanel bag for next to nothing. A lot of these items are still a pretty penny, but compared to the original value, a good deal. This brings me back to my point the other day when discussing Neiman Marcus at Target: what seems to be a deal to one, may not be to another. I am definitely going to frequent this website in case I do come across some amazeballs deal! And, it is fun just to look at too :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous NYE!!

See ya next year!

xoxo MaryBeth

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