Sunday, October 21, 2012


Happy Sunday! Friday was my Stella & Dot launch party and I had a great time! Didn't have a huge turnout (I wasn't expecting one) but it was a great start to my business venture and we had a blast. Here are several pics of my setup. A typical Stella & Dot "in home" trunk show does not need to be elaborate or stressful and does not take a lot of planning. I just went a little overboard because it was my launch and I was excited! I had multiple wines, multiple types of beer, pretzels, dip, cheese, crackers, sausage, olives and desserts. I could easily have done two bottles of wine, cheese, crackers and a box of cookies. Wham Bam done. Buuuuut I didn't, ha! Lots of pics

The party is still open to the public online here until November 10th, so if you have your eye on something, you can have it! The October special is as shone above. To qualify, you just have to reach at least $50. Then, each of those four items are 50% off! They are the Contessa Jade Necklace, Amelia Drop Earring, Snake Orb Pendant Necklace, and the Infinity Charm Necklace. I have the Contessa Jade Necklace and it is beautiful!

So here is my look for the party. Black, on black, on black, on black. Ha! Think I like black much?! I added my studded belt, Michael Kors rose gold watch and leopard heels to the look. The dress was a steal from Target clearance and the cardigan is the faux leather one I raved about from TJ Maxx. The heels are by Candie's for Kohl's. Love!

To get my waves I usually use my Remington curler set from Target. I will leave the front pieces out though, and manually curl those, then twist them back and hook them in one of the curler clamps closest to my face. I usually leave my hair in the curlers while I do my makeup or run around the house doing something else. I just like them to stay in for a while (if I have the time).



I do have a few other hair secrets up my sleeve, but I'll save that for another post.

On Saturday I was feeling a bit under the weather because of all the fun I had on Friday and lounged around most of the day. I finally gathered myself together and met up with the hubs and some of his guy friends for some pizza and drinks. They had been tailgating all day and had gone to a football game. I recycled my hair from the night before, aka did not wash it, but pulled it back and left those front pieces hanging down. The rest of my hair was pulled back in a low ponytail holder. I then split the hair in half, braiding each. I then wrapped one braid around in a bun and secured it with another ponytail holder. Then, I took the other braid and lined it around the bun, and secured it with bobby pins. Created a little, "poof" at the crown of my head and voila: a whole new look that appears as if it took me forever but really took about 5 minutes. Check it out!

Stella & Dot $118 ($59)
Contessa Jade Necklace
(50% off with the October special!)

I love the color combination of my teal shirt and the necklace so much that it really bummed me out that I ended up having to change my necklace. The Contessa Jade Necklace gave this otherwise rugged look some femininity but the neckline on my shirt was juuuust so that the necklace continually would fall behind the shirt, thus defeating the point. Now, I could have made the necklace shorter, but I didn't want to. Or, I could have wrestled with my shirt all night long to keep the necklace exposed, which I also didn't want to do. So, what is a girl to do? Pick another Stella & Dot gem! I went with the Windsor Tassel Necklace, because, well, I love it! And it is long enough that I knew I would have no neckline problems.

Stella & Dot $89
Windsor Tassel Necklace

This necklace is not as feminine as the Contessa Jade Necklace, but it definitely fit the look. Love! I also rocked my beloved faux leather pants by Rock and Republic for Kohl's, over-the-knee stilettos from Charlotte Russe, teal steal at TJ Maxx, and my super chic, ultra fab, faux leather jacket from Forever 21.

Do you spot Charlie?

I think today is going to be a lazy Sunday for sure! I do need to get some activity in since yesterday was a lazy day as well. I may convince the hubs that we should take, "the boys", aka Charlie and Winston, to the park on this fab fall day! I have to be careful when I say the "P" (park) word or the "O" (outside) word because these smart little Papillons understand, seriously, and will start to bark and harass us until we take them o-u-t. Yes, we spell words in front of our dogs like they are human children because we have to!! Lucky for us though, unlike children, our dogs will never learn to spell (at least not yet).   :)

Have a great Sunday!!

Cardinals play tonight!! WOO HOO!!!! Let's go boys, make it to the World Series!!!

xoxo MaryBeth


  1. Congrats on your launch party! Everything looks so fabulous! Best of luck to you on your new business adventure!

    Love both hairstyles, but especially the pulled up one. I'm all about quick and easy!

  2. Thanks so much Kelsey! The party was a fun time! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I'll be sure to check yours out too!


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