Friday, October 19, 2012


Happy Friday everyone!! I have been running around like crazy yesterday and this morning trying to pull everything together for my Stella & Dot launch party I am having tonight! I am so excited and also very nervous!! Not sure how many people are coming but I have plenty of drinks ready to be had. I will definitely share some pics of my setup and the party later this weekend.

As promised earlier, here is my lovely buffet/sideboard with the full length mirror hung sideways above it. We used two heavy duty anchors and heavy duty wiring (thanks to Home Depot) to hang this bad boy. I have visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head of it falling and shattering everywhere. The hubs assured me that this would not happen... I'm still skeptical. ha! When I walk in the dining room and look at it my first thought is, oh how beautiful, and then creeps in the soundtrack music to Jaws and those visions. As long as it makes it through my party tonight I will be happy (in all seriousness, I know it will not fall, especially if the anchors we used are any indication).


Now on to that half bath. Similarly to the closet doors in our master bath, this room left more to be desired. When we moved in we were pleased enough with just painting the walls and decorating. But the more we used the bathroom the more we started to notice a lot of imperfections (please understand that NOTHING is perfect, rather, things that really bothered us). The paint color we chose showed any teeny tiny mark or ding that we made in the wall or that was already there. Also, the drywall job done by the previous owners was not great in addition to the fact that the NONE of the walls are level or even (not all that uncommon, though). Also, there used to be wallpaper and when we tried to properly remove it, the wallpaper starting ripping down the drywall. Ugh. So after sanding down the wallpaper, we covered it with a layer of this special paint and THEN painted our color. So ,prior to the redo I am about to show you, we had done quite a bit to the bathroom already. Thus, project, "redo the redone half bath". Here are a couple before pics after we had already removed all decorations and the pedestal sink.

and after....

Home Depot $199
St. Paul Del Mar Vanity w/ Top

Target $24

I am OBSESSED with this textured wallpaper we decided on. It is from Sherwin Williams and I am in love.

The shelves we ended up using are from Target. We actually had a different set of shelves, also from Target, that almost became the death of me. Let's just put it this way: after already making holes in our newly wallpapered half bath, we realized that the shelves we bought were POS (pieces of shit, ha!) and that we were going to have to make a late night trip back to target in hopes that we could find something we loved. And, this was after staying up until 1200 the night before working JUST on these shelves. The problem started when we remembered how not straight and how bowed the back wall is. We then had to shim out the bracket for the shelf, and then it still didn't work. So we moved the bracket pieces that were on the actual shelf to try and solve it. Still no good. They were flimsy and could barely hold there own weight. I would have returned them but we semi broke one of them and it felt much better to just slam them in the trashcan. UMPH!!

Here is a pic of the POS shelves, just so you know what they look like, and not to buy them:

Well, any good home remodel doesn't come without some hiccups. It just blows my mind that of all the things we have done to our home, two measly wall shelves made things unravel for a minute there!! ha! All I know is my half bath is now the way I've always wanted it and the hubs and I are happy!

More to come on my Stella & Dot party!

Have a great weekend!!

PS I know I am very predictable but, GO CARDINALS!!!!!  Tearin' it up!!!!

xoxo MaryBeth

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