Monday, June 29, 2015


Good morning! Well, that was a little too enthusiastic for the type of morning going on over here- RAIN! Rain in the forecast ALL WEEK- ugh. So, what better to do then some window shopping!? And here are my picks for the day! But first, I had my first official GNO (Girl's Night Out) on Saturday- that means no baby, and no hubby. And even though I missed both of them, it was really nice to get dressed up, get out of the house and to have some drinks! 

Some makeup magic, bright lips, sleeked back pony and bling bling studs can make any look complete! With a newborn, speed is key! So, I opted for the sleeked back pony: so easy and always looks polished. Baby girl was already off to her Aunt's at this point, but that in itself was time consuming to get all of her things together and then needing to pump since she wasn't with me! Luckily I have mastered multitasking.... ha!

The pic below was the one I originally was going to share and then I thought, ya know what, let's give a sneak peek of what was really going on! #reallife It doesn't mean you have to change everything about yourself or what you love, you just have to navigate things a little differently!

This crop top is one of my favs! It is from the Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad collection, comes in three different colors and is fairly long and boxy so you don't have to feel totally exposed. Staying active throughout my pregnancy DEFINITELY played a huge role in how well I have bounced back, but clearly, being just shy of four weeks postpartum, my stomach might be flat again but is not as, "tight", yet. So, my midi skirt (Target) and this style crop top were the perfect combo: I got to feel back to normal and a little edgy all while being comfortable. Win-Win!

And what better way to ring in my GNO? Champs!

So, to keep with the crop top vibe I've got join on, this one is amazing! Ok, I know it might seem a little risqué and may not lend for the most convenient of bras, but alas I am swooning! 

Zippered Crop Top
Forever 21

Annnnd another crop top! I guess I'm feeling a little edgy today! This one is very simple, works with a normal bra and has a low back leaving just a little belly sneak peak in the front. Love! 

Twist-Front Crop Top
Forever 21

A clean-cut jumpsuit is definitely an essential in every woman's closet. This one in particular is so fabulous not only because of the amazing price point but also because of the versatility. Dress it down in flats like the model below, or dress it up with some fab heels and blinded out earrings. Love!

Belted Textured-Woven Jumpsuit
Forever 21

And lastly, this ruffle top is so chic! Very simple and easy to pair with almost anything: slacks, shorts, skirt, under a blazer- you name it! And at a price point like that you cannot go wrong! Love!

Bow-Front Ruffle Top
Forever 21


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