Tuesday, May 13, 2014


For this Makeup Magic post I am sticking to the eyes. Foundation and contouring to come!

Cover Girl and E.L.F. are two of my absolute favorite makeup lines. The obvious initial appeal is the fact that both are very affordable, especially E.L.F. Secondly, I just truly love their products! For this look I wanted to have fun with my lipstick while still giving my eyes some love. 

Eyes: LineExact Liquid Liner, Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner and Professional All-In-One Curved Brush Mascara. I typically just use the PPP Eyeliner because it is my all-time go to, but I did a combination with the liquid liner for this look because I wanted the liner to be very prominent. I won't lie, I have not perfected the use of the liquid liner just yet and actually find it to be pretty tricky. It may be this particular one, who knows. But any mistakes I made were easily corrected with the PPP eyeliner. It is soft, smooth and full. And the eraser at the opposite end ACTUALLY works and I use it very often. For example: I cannot stand it when I  am wearing mascara alone and it gets on my eyelids while applying. That is when I most often use the eraser to easily remove any mascara that may get on my eyelid. It is wonderful! Anyways, back to the application: I gently press and pull my upper lid outward, creating a straight and firm surface to apply the eyeliner and to create the kittenish curve at the end. A simple way to spice things up!

This mascara, oh this mascara. If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked what kind of mascara I use and/or if i have false eyelashes on. I have used this mascara for as long as I can remember. It is a staple of Cover Girl and I don't foresee it going anywhere anytime soon. Far too often do companies, including Cover Girl, introduce these fad mascaras that don't stand the test of time (remember the vibrating mascara? wtfk?). Then you are left having to search for another new mascara. I stick with what works, and this stuff works! I always get the curved brush as opposed to straight and in Black. 

Eyebrows: Brow & Eyemakers Pencil in Midnight Brown by CC and Essential Eyelash & Brow Wand by E.L.F. Luckily my eyebrows have this general shape but they are very thin by nature. I hardly EVER pluck other than to get a totally stray hair. I know you ladies out there with thick eyebrows probably hate me right now but guess what: I hate you! The grass is always greener my friends. I would LOVE to not have to draw my eyebrows on everyday!! But since I do, I might as well use products I love. First I comb through my brows with the wand, then I pencil in the thickness and shape I want. Once satisfied with the shape, I use the wand and comb through my brows again to sort of fade them out. You don't want them to be too rigid or too dark. The wand allows the brows to appear more natural and soft. I then use plain old Q-tips to correct any mistakes and to give them a nice consistent shape by running the Q-tip along the bottom of my eyebrow starting from the inner eye and going outward.   

I hope this helps! Like I mentioned above, more Makeup Magic to come regarding foundation and contouring. Contouring is a game changer if done correctly!

Time to catch up on Game of Thrones with the hubs! G'nite!

xoxo MaryBeth

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